Moonshot Coffee roasts fresh here in the Ozark Mountains and delivers right to your door!  We are a small batch artisanal roaster, we only roast what is ordered, never more.  We roast fresh for you each time you order from us. ♥

Our Story

Moonshot Coffee

We created this coffee shop in 2017 because our town had been without one for about 5 years. I was lucky enough to find an amazing artisanal roaster just 20 minuets away from our storefront location.  After testing his beans against many other  roasters around the country, we found his to be the highest quality and freshest beans available on the market for our area. After three years in our shop we have come to realize there is a high demand for good quality coffee to be available to everyone. At Moonshot we strive to offer you the best coffee delivered right to your door within days of being roasted so you too can enjoy the best coffee right in the comfort of your own home. Every two weeks we will close the ordering process and we will roast and ship your beans. Nothing you order will have ever been sitting in a warehouse or resting on the grocery store shelves.
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